Do you need a guide in salina cruz

It is important that you have a guide when surfing in Salina Cruz. The points in the area are only accessible by people that are a part of the surfing federation. Not only that you will be asked to leave or hire a guide on the spot. Because of that it is better to just plan you trip and not worry about anything.

Why waste the time trying to figure out what spot is going to be the best that day. By hiring a guide they take out all the guess work and know the best spot based off tide and wind. Oaxaca Surf Adventures Guides have been surfing in the area their whole life.

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Come Surf the Beach Breaks of Salina Cruz

From last week. More to come this week. Get down here. Spots available

Big swell coming next week in salina Cruz

Book you adventure today. Swell coming sun July 22 – July 30. Only have space for a few people. We keep our surf camp to a minimum to insure you get waves with your group.